Friday, April 5, 2013

Solo staff meetings

My friend calls them Solo Staff Meetings, those three a.m. sessions when your brain is spinning so hard it wakes you up and invites you to join in. He gave up working for himself because of them, deciding he'd rather limit his working time to daylight hours.
I'm no stranger to these meetings. I've always edited the magazines and newspapers as if I owned them, and often end up planning photo shoots or jotting down story ideas when the stars and I are the only ones up.
This week, the meetings had a slightly different agenda. Among the items up for discussion:

1. What happens next?
2. Those bastards.
3. Look on the bright side.
4. Run through a list of contacts.
5. Start building a to-do list.
6. Why me?
7. Give thanks for supportive friends.
8. What happens next (recap).

Attendance was 100 per cent. There was no recording secretary, so any decisions were lost. Some items will be revisited at the next staff meeting. Meeting was adjourned by the alarm clock -- will reconvene tomorrow night.

1 comment:

  1. I came by way of Cathy's blog, and read through your posts. I am no stranger to the 3 a.m. solo staff meeting (though I'm thankful to now have a name to put to it!), and have often reflected how much worse things seem, alone in the dark. When the sun comes up, energy returns to the world, and with one foot in front of the other, the world keeps turning.

    All the best in your reflection time, and in your plans for the future. I hope you get to chart a course for yourself and your family that really brings you joy.